What appears at the top of your list of the things, ‘I love’? Undoubtedly, it’s food. You all would definitely agree on this, that somehow, deep inside us, we all are foodies. We, creatures of Earth, live to eat; or instead I’ll say, food lives for us.

Previously, Ladiestan.pk handed over to its dearest audience, a complete, authentic list of the best Places to visit in Islamabad. Now we have brought another set of list for you to scrutinize at. Now it’s time to note the absolutely best restaurants in Islamabad.

Come, pull out a chair and join us; here you will find how perpetually tasteful life is. Presenting to you the best restaurants in Islamabad to dine, which includes:


Best Restaurants in Islamabad

 Chaaye Khana 

chaaye khana

Have you ever thought of starting your day without breakfast? Even if you get served with a good plate but not with a nice cup of tea? Of course your breakfast is totally incomplete without a soothing cup of tea or coffee. Where ever we sit in this world, tea plays an important role in our lives, as it is the only thing that can satiate our thirst.

So for all tea and coffee lovers, here I introduce Chaaye Khana, a place where you will get scrumptious breakfast, a dream land where you will indulge yourself in cream tea. Well, then what are you waiting for? Stop your cars at this restaurant to completely satisfy your hunger and to serve your cravings. Visit this place to make your morning a perfect one, after all happiness relies on gentle breakfast.


 Habibi Restaurant 

habibi restaurent

A traditional restaurant in Islamabad that depicts the true culture and values of Pakistan. This place offers certainly the most delicious BBQ. Here, the tikkas and Kababs define the meaning of real spice. All the masalas carry out our Pakistani flavor. The view presents an elegant classical wear. Habibi restaurant can teach you all, the art of dining, where most of the meal will be found in your plates. So, all the folks are invited here to savor the right tastes.


 Kim Mun Chinese Restaurant 

kim mun chinese restaurant

Chinese food carries a considerable fashion in today’s time. One of the best Chinese restaurants where you will find a real Chinese bite.  Visit this spot to show your irresistible love for Chinese food. This eating house is being run by a family from China, which indicates the authenticity of flavors. If you don’t want to gulp something heavy for dinner, then keep it simple, keep it light and keep it definitely appetizing. This place stands on Municipal road, G-6 Islamabad. Go and get your tables reserved and enjoy the best services.


 Howdy Islamabad 

Howdy Islamabad

For all fast food addicts, Howdy says hello, greeting you in the most pleasant way. Offering fish n chips, burgers and fries, cheesy pizzas and drinks. The wonderful menu welcomes with open arms, all their customers, those waiting desperately for mouth-watering food stuff. This restaurant is located at the Gol market, sector F7 in Islamabad. So, now you have the address, go get yourself filled with creamy snacks.


 Table talk 

table talk

It is said, “Taste of food tells who you are.” At table talk, the food will define you. This place suits to all masala admirers, as the chat Patti masala chat, papri chat, chaana chat and golgappas can truly blow out your minds. This restaurant in Islamabad too presents the culture of Pakistan. In fact this country is much known for its golgappas, Punjabi thaali and masala chat. Be careful people! This place might make you fall in love with it, or, it might force you to slurp your fingers along with the scrumptious plate.


 The Monal Restaurant 

The Monal Restaurant

The most appealing site that one must visit in Islamabad. Its beauty might engage you entirely and the charismatic scenery may give you goose bumps. I must say that, Monal has the power to convince the people to stick to their chairs even if plates get empty. The view here can completely draw your attention. You can sit here for hours without getting bored. All types of foods are available here for you to devour.

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 Tuscany Courtyard 

Tuscany CourtyardAn Italian restaurant, that possesses grace is situated on Kohsar Road, in Islamabad.  Its specialty revolves around the Italian bites. It offers marvelous seafood and is also known as steakhouse. The atmosphere is totally comfortable and peaceful.

Even the Imran Khan is loving it 🙂


 Cinnamon Restaurant 

Cinnamon Restaurant

Cinnamon provides continental. In Islamabad you will meet varieties, choice is yours, and foods here represent your identity. Continental can be one of your choices too. You can name this restaurant when specific about continental. Food is certainly flavorsome. Cinnamon exists in Beverly Center, Blue Area; a ravishing place to visit.


 Savour Foods 

Savour Foods

Rice? Who doesn’t love it? Well, I do and if I was you I would have rushed to this place to grab a plate filled with Biryani. Savour is too famous for its rice, well, the story doesn’t end here, and it proposes deals at cheapest prices. Getting luscious food at affordable price is worth anything. At Savour, you get entertained with ice cream too. So, hurry! Come here and dine well.

 Royal Elephant Thai Restaurant 

Royal Elephant Thai Restaurant

Get yourself stuffed with some Thai food now, because it’s Thai time. In Islamabad, though you’ll find less Thai spots but the ones you’ll find will be miraculous. To all the Thai fans, this is the right restaurant to park your cars at; delivering the original and the best quality of Thai food.

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A great man once said:One cannot think well, love well and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Well, have you ever thought of what keeps you alive? It is food and humor! So, learn to make a combination of both, to make your soul feel alive. For food and for the foodies, our website lays out a remarkable list of the best restaurants in Islamabad. People, don’t go for searching out too many restaurants or ending up choosing the wrong place to dine. Take our advice, an expert’s advice and select the right location to please your ravenousness.


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