Best Shampoos in Pakistan & Conditioners | Hair Growth & Silky Hair

Best Shampoos in Pakistan & Conditioners | Hair Growth & Silky Hair

Last week, one of our reader emailed us and requested to review Pakistani shampoos. So here is a complete review about some of the best Shampoos in Pakistan.

How important is a good shampoo for beautiful hair? If you truly want to understand what it means to be without a worthy shampoo – try washing your hair with soap or just leaving them unwashed for a few days! Your hair will get so greasy, oily and waxy. It will become impossible to even touch them; let alone trying to make them look good or any what presentable at all. We don’t think you have to deal with the trauma of having a bad hair day and therefore, it is very important to use the best shampoo that you can choose from our list of best shampoos in Pakistan to keep you hair nourished, voluminous, shiny and healthy.

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Best Shampoos in Pakistan & Conditioners

Read on ahead in this article to explore the list of the best shampoos in Pakistan. Pick the one that you think deserves to sit on your bathroom shelf and go through your hair every morning so that you can have the beautiful hair you have always only dreamt of!

1. L’Oréal Total Repair 5 Shampoo

L’Oréal Total Repair 5 Shampoo

If you want the perfect hair expert that makes your hair nourished, conditioned and leaves them in a healthy state after every wash, this shampoo is the perfect one. There are five basic actions that this shampoo performs on your hair.

  • It works on the hair fibers and restores them to the original structure.
  • It makes your hair strong.
  • It works on making your hair smooth and ultra-sleek & shiny.
  • It improves the overall health of your hair and helps them in growing longer.
  • Your hair will be left feeling silky soft after every wash.

L’Oréal Total repair 5 shampoo is your best pick. It works on your hair throughout the year so there are no seasonal adjustments that you will have to make. It is ranked as one of the best-selling shampoos of all time in Pakistan.

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2. Sunsilk Shampoo

Sunsilk Shampoo

Just as them name suggests, Sunsilk is all about making your hair beautifully sunny and silky smooth! It is one of the longest lasting brand of shampoos in Pakistan and has several sub-types. Sunsilk uses different colors to specify different performing shampoos.

  • Pink shampoo is the keratin and yogurt formula. It is to make your hair healthy and voluminous by working on the texture of the hair.
  • Blue one is for the perfectly sleek and straight hair. It is boosted with straight lock technology that removes frizzle from your hair and smoothen it out.
  • The black sunsilk shampoo is naturally composed with pearls and Amla combination. It intends to bring natural gloss and shine to your hair.

For perfect results, it is strongly urged to combine the use of Sunsilk shampoos with Sunsilk essential nourishment conditioners.

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3. Pantene Shampoos

Pantene Shampoos

Pantene is one of the oldest and most reputed shampoo brands that is not only popular in Pakistan but is widely known about around the world.

Not only are its shampoos famous for being the best of the best – it is also widely known for being the maker of some of the best haircare products that are high in demand all around the globe.

If we talk about Pakistan in particular, Pantene shampoos are readily available in all local markets and throughout all cities of Pakistan.

  • Pantene total damage care shampoo is the best because it not only works on making the hair look beautiful but also makes sure to work on the roots to nourish them from roots to tips.
  • Pantene Pro V silky smooth shampoo is another best seller by the brand. Boosted with the latest Pro V technology, this shampoo is enriched with natural essential oils that make the hair thick, strong and shiny.
  • Pantene Pro V long black shampoo is the perfect solution for all who are looking for something that will protect their hair from dust and environmental damage.

All latest products come boosted with the high end Pro V formula for beautiful hair. If you want your hair to feel soft and look great – Pantene shampoo is the one to trust!

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4. Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Head & Shoulders is basically an anti-dandruff shampoo that intends to protect the hair from getting dandruff and becoming dry and frizzy.

However, anti-dandruff shampoos tend to make the hair all dry and dead. This is why people usually trust simple home remedies instead of using a chemically synthesized product on their hair.Head & shoulder is much different.

It is made of the perfect blend of natural ingredients and healthy chemicals that it not only helps to fight and eliminate dandruff but also works on improving the overall condition of your hair.

It intends to fight dandruff, make your scalp cool and cleaner, give a refreshing sensation to your head and also improve the texture of your hair Head & shoulders is a must try and definitely one of the most popular choices of shampoos in Pakistan as people here suffer from a lot of dryness due to humid climatic conditions.

5. Garnier Fructis Shampoos

Garnier Fructis Shampoos

Garnier is surely not a name that needs any introductions. It is one of the best beauty brands of the world that comes with some of the best skin and hair care products to offer to women all around.

In Pakistan, Garnier is much popular too for offering high quality beauty products. However, this brand is most adored for offering the best quality Garnier Fructis shampoos that make the hair healthier, shinier and definitely happier too!

It is made of all natural composition with real fruit extracts and the rightful combination of all essential oils like Moroccan oil, Argan oil and Camille oil. There are various different types of hair shampoos that it offers to cater to varying hair conditions from dry, damage and rough hair to frizzy hair and split ends.

It has a shampoo with a solution for every hair problem. For best results it is used with its own conditioners. This shampoo is surely going to leave a beautiful fragrance in your locks!

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