Double chin is a problematic issue for most women. This is because they hardly pay attention to themselves and get busy throughout the day with other things.

However, these women are on the constant look out on how to reduce double chin through any way. Most women look for faster ways on how to reduce double chin but it is better to try to reduce it in a good way which is sustainable for long as well. This is because knowing quicker ways on how to reduce double chin will give results but they will bring it back soon enough too.

Thus, one should think of good and long term ways to reduce their double chin. All such ways can be useful and maintained in a good way for a longer period of time as well. The top ways in which you can reduce your double chin are given below.

How to reduce Double Chin?


 Find Sugar Free Gum

find sugar free gum
When you keep chewing something for longer periods of time then your jaw and mouth muscles remain active through it. This is why chewing gum serves the best for it while a sugar free one will also not affect your health.


 Get Cocoa Butter 

cocoa butter

Just take a few tablespoons of cocoa-butter and microwave them slightly. Massage it for several minutes on you neck and double chin and I am sure you will have reduced double chin with just a few massages twice each day before bath in the morning and at night before going to bed.


 Make use of Egg Whites 

egg whites
Add two egg whites, 1 tbsp milk, honey, and lemon juice and few peppermint essential oil drops. Applying this mask to the neck and chin for 30 minutes is great if done even once every day. Make sure you wash off with warm water.


 Do not forget Exercises 

Do not forget Exercises
These might be a bit tough for some people in comparison but they are truly worth it. This is because they are the best when it comes to get rid of a double chin and also to prevent it from coming back for longer periods of time. You can make use of the following exercises


 The kiss 

It is called so because you just have to raise your head as you do in a kiss position. Make pucker lips and kiss the ceiling while looking at it in the air. Hold it for 5 minutes and then return. 15 repetitions of this exercise, works more than you can imagine.


 Stick out it 

stick it out
Just stick your mouth out as you face forward. Then stick out your tongue slowly till five seconds until it is out as far as possible. Then return your tongue back in the same 5 seconds. 10 repetitions work a lot more than any other way to reduce double chin.

Now that you know the above specified ways to reduce a double chin you can make use any of the ways that suit you the most or that seem easier to you. You can also employ different combinations for them to reduce your double chin faster as well.

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