Trending Ladies Summer Dress Design 2017 in Pakistan

Summer this year has been witnessing many top designers launching latest summer dress design 2017 in Pakistan!

Pakistan is one of those luckiest countries of the world where people are blessed with all four seasons; summer, winter, autumn, and spring. Pakistanis are very lively at heart and therefore, they enjoy each season to its fullest! It has been months since we welcomed the New Year and now the summer season is approaching. The one thing that every Pakistani absolutely loves, particularly the women is shopping for fashionable and trendy clothing with every changing season. This is regarded as the ultimate way to embrace and enjoy the changing climate. Summer this year has been witnessing many top designers launching latest summer dress design 2017 in Pakistan!

Top 5 summer dress design 2017 in Pakistan

With summer almost completely here it is time to rush to the markets and get your hands on some beautiful and trendy summer attire. After all, you have to keep up with the evolving fashion trends. This year in 2017, we have seen some amazing color combinations and dress designs so far. People seem particularly happy with the latest fashion styles. Let’s take a brief look at the top 5 latest dress designs that have everyone on their toes off lately!

Origins Summer Collection

Short shirts have made their way back into fashion with the New Year. The neckline embroidery and patterned sleeve designs for short length Kurtas are making people very happy. Origin has some of the most attractive and stylish dress designs to offer and has been certainly giving other brands a run for their money!

1- Origins Summer Collection 11- Origins Summer Collection 2

1- Origins Summer Collection 3Origins Summer Collection 4

Origins Summer Collection 5Origins Summer Collection 6

Origins Summer Collection 7Origins Summer Collection 8

Origins Summer Collection 9Origins Summer Collection 10

Origins Summer Collection 11Origins Summer Collection 12

Origins Summer Collection 13

Sapphire lawn designs

Sapphire lawn designs

Have you checked out the sapphire lawn designs yet? Sapphire has been very intelligent with its choice of colors this year. The colors are neither too loud nor too subtle. Sapphire has played with a lot of blacks paired with pastels and all designs that it has picked out go supremely well with the unique color combination.


Sapphire lawn designs 1Sapphire lawn designs 2Sapphire lawn designs 3Sapphire lawn designs 4Sapphire lawn designs 5

Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs

Al-Karam never fails to delight its loyal customers and this year it is back with some amazing dress designs for upcoming summer season. Not only has it managed to make people happy with its attractive designs but has picked out some refreshing color combinations as well. You will see a lot of neckline embroidery and hemline designs for all Al-Karam dress in 2017.Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs 1Al-Karam Studio Dress DesignsAl-Karam Studio Dress Designs 2Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs 3Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs 4Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs 5Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs 6Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs 7Al-Karam Studio Dress Designs 8

Cynosure Summer Collection

Cynosure has combined the lawn, khadi, linen and cotton fabrics to create some of the most amazing designed short Kurtas and jeans tops! The one thing that is pretty evident in all Cynosure designs is that it has played with cultural heritage while maintaining a minimalistic approach!

Cynosure Summer Collection

Nishat linen summer dresses

Nishat has become a household name in Pakistan. Every year women have eyes on its collection and 2017 has been no different. It has managed to make people happy yet again with its amazing summer designs; stylish and modern yet very sophisticated – perfect for all Summer Aftaris lined up!

Nishat linen summer dressesNishat linen summer dresses 1Nishat linen summer dresses 2Nishat linen summer dresses 3Nishat linen summer dresses 4Nishat linen summer dresses 5Nishat linen summer dresses 6

Gear up for summer!

This year it appears that the dress design 2017 in Pakistan is leading the fashion world. People have been pre-booking on all items, days before the launch of each collection is scheduled! Summer this year is destined to be much fun and full of colors.



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