Easy and Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hand 2017-2018 Images


Mehndi, also popularly known as Henna, is an important part of the Asian culture and traditions. If we talk about Pakistan, it is pretty obvious that no festive occasion or celebratory event is complete for women without Mehndi application. Whether it is wedding, Eid, bridal shower, baby shower, Milaad or just a girl’s get-together – mehndi application is one of the most fun parts of the occasion altogether. There are hundreds of mehndi designs and styles that girls get to choose from as well these days. This includes Arabic mehndi designs for hand, bridal mehndi, Turkish mehndi, peacock mehndi and the list is just endless.

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What is Mehndi, Exactly?

Mehndi is basically leaves that are grown on trees. These leaves belong to a particular species and have a very rich color hidden inside them. Color is extracted from the mehndi leaves by rubbing and crushing them to maximum extent. The leaves extract is then combined with water, rose water or any oil to form mehndi. This mehdni is filled inside conical shaped cylinders and is readily available throughout Pakistan.

Rule of Mehndi/Henna Application

There is a simple rule that you need to follow when you apply mehndi. You need to leave it on for at least 6 to 8 hours so that it can make a colorful pattern on your skin. It appears like a tattoo on your skin. However, this rule is only for traditional mehndi that is pure and without any chemical additives.

Types of Mehndi/Henna

There are various types of mehndi that are available these days for women to enjoy. In addition to the pure mehndi that needs a lot of time to produce maximum color; there are other quick or instant mehndis that are available in the markets as well. Owing to the fast paced lives of people these days, mehndi has also been modified with the help of certain chemicals. There are different types that are available for people to explore.

  1. Pure Cone Mehndi

Pure cone mehndi design

The pure cone mehndi is without any added color or additives. It is rich, pure and will produce its original color. The original color of mehndi at time of application is dark green and the final outcome is deep red.Pure cone mehndi

  1. Arq Henna

Henna Arq is one of the most popular and in demand mehndi these days. It is instant mehndi which promises rich, dark, deep color and does not require to be applied for hours. Arq needs to be applied only for 30 minutes to 2 hours and will leave a rich color on your hands. It lasts for only 2-4 days.

arq henna mehndiarq henna mehndi

  1. Black mehndi

Black mehndi is another popular type. It jet black in color, synthetically made and is mostly used for creating outline.

black mehndi - hennadesignblack mehndi design

  1. Orange mehndi

Orange mehndi is another synthetic type which is made to be pale orange-ish-yellow in color. It is mostly used to fill in the outline that is made with black color. This looks very unique and attractive. It is almost instant as well because this mehndi applies like marker colors.

beautiful orange henna design

  1. White mehndi

The most recent mehndi type is White mehndi. This has not yet become very popular but is a very modern twist to this tradition. It appears more like a tattoo than henna.

white hennawhite mehndiwhite mehndi design

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hand Images

Arabic designs are simple yet very beautiful and elegant. This mehndi designs usually involves a lot of floral patterns and attractive leaves of different shapes and sizes. The detailing of Arabic mehndi is very fine yet it is very simple to apply.

Types of Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hand 2017-2018

There are several different types of mehndi designs that women love to apply. However, the most common and most popular is the Arabic mehndi design. This is rather simple and is not much difficult to apply as well. However, it looks extremely attractive on the hands and is loved by women in general throughout Pakistan. Here is a quick overview of the top Arabic mehndi designs that are definitely trending in 2017. So if you have a wedding or party coming up – you can choose one of the following designs to beautify your hands and feet.

Tranquil Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is mostly applied on the backside of the hands but can also be applied on the palms and feet as well. This design appears like jewelry on your hands and feet because a mehndi bracelet and anklet (in case of feet) is made on the wrist and ankle.

The rest of the hand and feet is left empty with only a small floral pattern made right in the center. The fingers are however, fully covered with henna from top to bottom.

Full Covered Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs are most popular because they completely cover the area on the hands and feet. Whilst different designs might become popular over time; the traditional Arabic mehndi design cannot go out of fashion.

This design completely covers the hand, front and back and same applies on the feet as well. Not an inch of space is left vacant.

Henna bail Mehndi Designs for Hand

Another popular mehndi trend in 2017 is ‘minimalistic’. This includes keeping the mehndi minimal to make it look beautiful yet modern and chic. Arabic mehndi bail design is much popular these days. This includes covering only a single finger or multiple fingers with mehndi in a simple floral bail design. This looks very elegant and attractive.

Fancy Arabic Mehndi Design

The fancy Arabic mehndi design includes making random flowers, petals and leaves designs on your hand and feet. There is no specific pattern for this mehndi and can be applied as you please. However, what makes this mehndi so special is that it comes is decorated with attractive glitters to make it look fancy and shimmery.

This mehndi design that is popular these days is perfect for weddings, engagements and nikkah occasions. It really looks different and unique. Little girls particularly love this style of mehndi since it is so colorful, shimmery and glitzy.

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