Latest Walima Dresses by Maria B | Maria B Bridal Collection 2017


The reception after the wedding day, more popularly known as the ‘Walima’ in Pakistani culture is a day of immense importance. It is practically the last day of the endless celebrations; the last event that marks the end of wedding festivities and allows the bride and groom to finally start with their married life afterward. Most brides tend to be exhausted and completely worn out by the Walima day which means it can have an impact on how they look too! This is why the Walima dress is just as important as the Baraat dress, or even more so! If you are getting hitched in 2017, the latest walima dresses by Maria B collection has all your worries covered for you.

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Maria B – The Fashion Maestro

Maria B. is not a name bound to any introductions in the Pakistani fashion world. She is one of the pioneers of female fashion designers in the world of fashion and has been an unstoppable force ever since the very start. Having been around for a long time, Maria B. has never failed to make us all go ‘wow’ with her unique and classy designs. The stylish array of clothes that she comes up with every single year is commendable. Moreover for all Pakistani brides – Maria B. sure knows how to make a girl happy on the biggest day of her life! 2017 has been a pleasant yet pretty much-expected surprise!

Latest Walima Dresses by Maria B | Maria B Bridal Collection 2017

Maria B. has come up with a unique bridal dress collection for Walima brides. If you are a bride-to-be and are worried about what you are going to wear to the reception – which is your first official day as a Mrs. – you need to worry no more! Read on to find out all about the latest Walima Dresses by Maria B 2017 trends. They are an absolute delight and you will surely be able to finally pick a dress for the big day too.

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The color of the season!

Walima brides are destined to look ravishing in Maria B. attires because the color of the season for Maria B. is charcoal gray with a hint of color here and there. This color is perfect for the dusky skin tones of Asian girls. Maria B. has made sure to combine some amazing shades of blues, plum, and pastels like pistachio green and rose-gold with gray.


The style is very simple. You won’t be seeing a lot of cuts because the style is kept simple and minimalistic. The dresses are slim-fit body styled mostly with a frill or lehnga cut on the lower part. Skirts with a short embroidered shirt and dupatta are also a popular choice.


As far as the embroidery and embellishments are concerned, Maria B. has taken inspiration from ‘royalty’ and therefore every dress is grandiose! You will see a lot of stone work, ‘dabqa kaam’, and fine thread work and bead embellishments all over the dress. There is hardly a single spot that is left out without a floral pattern or paisley.

Maria B. is surely one lady who knows how to treat brides like sheer royalty on the dream day! You are destined to look drop-dead gorgeous in a Maria. B dress by your husband’s side!

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