Pakistani weddings are all about back-to-back wedding events. It all starts from bridal showers to endless Dholkis followed by Mayun, Mehndi, Nikkah, Baraat and then finally the Walima! This is more than a week-long celebration but it also means that the bride needs to look picture perfect on all days. There is no other way. If you have been worried looking for Pakistani bridal dresses for walima | Walima Dresses 2016 – 2017; come to a stop!

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In this article, we take you on a complete ride – from all the top bridal fashion designers to pro tips right out of professional fashion diaries – this is surely going to be a dream come true for all bride-to-be’s!

bridal dresses for walimalatest lehnga dress for walimalatest walima dresses for bridespakistai-walima-dresses-2016Pakistani bridal dresses for walima 2016 2017

Keep it Traditional

The one thing that has been pretty evident off recently is that brides are looking less like ‘dulhans’ and more like super models ready to walk the ramp. This is very sad as weddings are a purely traditional event and are meant to be kept the same way. The spirit of weddings should be kept alive. Brides should look like brides – shy, happy, full of glee. They should look like fairies that have landed on earth for the night rather than a super model that stepped right out of the Vogue fashion cover!

So if you are a bride-to-be or anyone you know is getting married – make sure to tell them to keep the dress traditional and give it a Pakistani touch!

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Buy from Top Designers

Looking for Pakistani bridal dresses for walima? The choices are endless and can be truly overwhelming too! However, you can make the best choice if you place your trust with top designers.

Following the professional designer tips is one thing and getting a legit designer dress is another. If you can afford it, we will always urge you to buy from top Pakistani designers.

If money is a problem and you need to stay on a budget – you can always take inspiration from their work and create magic on your own.

Maria B.

Maria B. is a fashion maestro and has been around for over a decade now. In the past many years, Maria B. has carried the baton for fashion high and on the lead. Bridal fashion is a forte for Maria B. as she is one of the pioneer bridal fashion designers.

Maria B bridal collection for Walima 2017-2018

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Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is a man of multi-skill. He has the power of designs and interestingly he is very keen to establish an acting career for himself as well. However, Deepak Perwani is a master of fashion and is a very popular choice for most Pakistani elite when it comes to bridal fashion.

deepak Perwani walima dress royal-geranium


Elan is the latest brand that has managed to make a stable position for itself in the fashion world in a very short period of time. Elan has set the bridal fashion bar high with heavy embellishments and sequined designs.

Elan bridal dresses 2016 2017


HSY is a must go to Pakistani designer. He is considered the God of Pakistani bridal fashion and every year manages to bring out designs that leave you completely awestruck.

HSY bridal collection for walima collection 2017- 2018

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is the ‘favorite’ for all Pakistani celebrities. He has dressed popular actresses on their big day, be it baraat or Walima! He takes pride in dressing beauties like Sanam Saeed, Urwa Hocane, and Sanam Jung on their wedding days. He surely knows how to make you look and feel like a princess – sheer royalty on your big day.

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Pakistani bridal dresses for walima | Walima Dresses 2016 – 2017

Here are a few professional fashion tips, right from the fashion diaries of top Pakistani designers.


The color of the dress is the soul and you cannot get that wrong! The color needs to be perfect. There is simply no option to go wrong with the color combination selection. Walima brides, however, are strongly urged by top fashions professionals to go for mono colors i.e. one color dress. This looks decent, elegant and speaks volume. You can always add sparkle with embroidery and embellishments.

New wedding wallima dresses for brides

Popular colors for walima dresses this year are pistachio green, rose-gold, peach-pink, turquoise and pearl white!


The designs need to be picked out very carefully and always in accordance to the fabric you pick out for the dress. The design should be kept minimal for the walima function. However, if you are a fan of embellishments, you can always pick a super light color so that the dabqa work does not make it look too over-the-top!Pakistani-Walima-Dresses-2017-For-Bridals


Style refers to the cuts of your dress. You can always opt for a lehnga choli if you are a traditional bride at heart and have a svelte figure to carry it off! Trending dress styles for walima brides, however, are full-length maxis or tail-lehngas with super short shirts that sit just above the navel.


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Things to Remember

Along with many helpful tips, there are a few things that every bride-to-be should remember when choosing Pakistani bridal dresses for walima ! These are very helpful points and should be on the checklist when you step out to pick out the dream dress for your big day!

  1. Make sure you choose a dress that suits your body type. If you are heavier, a full-length maxi will make you look more graceful and elegant.
  2. Choose the color always according to your skin tone. If you are fair, bright colors would look great. However, Asian skin tones are mostly warmer and therefore, the shade should be accordingly.
  3. Never get carried away or too flustered. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and it is only natural for all brides-to-be to go frantic as the wedding approaches. You might find it harder to concentrate on things and this can make you look tired and exhausted. No dress will work if you are not feeling 100% refreshed and positive on the biggest day of your life! Remember to always feel good about yourself!


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