Pakistani bridal new dress design 2016 – 2017 collection

Pakistani bridal new dress design 2016 - 2017 collection

2016 so far has been an absolute delight for all fashion lovers! Particularly all Pakistani brides are supremely happy with astonishing bridal new dress design 2016 – 2017 collection! Read on to check out the best bridal collection by top notch designers that have everyone going ‘wow!’

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Weddings in Pakistan

wedding in Pakistan

There are a few things that have always been much important and irreplaceable for Pakistani people. The scrumptious food, greasy late Sunday breakfasts, Eid celebrations with the entire khandaan and of course, weddings! If there is one thing that every Pakistani man, woman, and the child loves – it has to be the lavish, colorful and  wedding celebrations. Shadi season in Pakistan is believed to be from October to December and then March to May. However, it actually seems like people get married all the time; regardless of whether it is the wedding season or not!

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

When we hear wedding, the first thing that pops straight away into our minds is clothes! What will we wear to our best friend’s sister’s marriage? Even if it is a distant relative’s wedding, we need to look the best. However, the one person who is absolutely going bonkers during the whole wedding preparations to the actual BIG DAY is the bride!It is meant to be her dream day, once-in-a-lifetime sort of moment and there is nothing else that she can look but surreal perfection. From the embellishments on the dupatta to the lace on the lehnga border – it all needs to be picture perfect. The bride freaks out and along with her, everyone else does too!

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pakistani bridal dresses design 2pakistani bridal dresses design 4pakistani bridal dresses design 2016 2017pakistani bridal dresses design 1

Photo Credit : Asim Jofa

2016 has arrived and it is a year of sheer bliss for all bride-to-be’s. The year started off on a wonderful fashion note and it seems like this year is meant to be the ‘it’ thing for all brides! Top designers like Faraz Manan, Nomi Ansari, and Erum Khan are all launching one after another breathtaking bridal dress collections.


Bridal New Dress Design 2016 – 2017 collection 

Pakistani bridal dressesPakistani bridal dresses 1Pakistani bridal dresses 2Pakistani bridal dresses 3Pakistani bridal dresses 4Pakistani bridal dresses 5

If you are a bride-to-be or are planning to surprise your best friend with the perfect bridal dress gift to take away all her worries – you have arrived at the perfect place. We have the most amazing Pakistani bridal new dress design 2016-17 collection ready for you to explore!

Photo Credit: Tena Durrani

Faraz Manan Bridal Collection 2016 – 2017

Let’s start by talking about the internationally acclaimed and renowned dress designer – Faraz Manan. Yes, this is the same designer who gets the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor to model his outfits on-ramp every year! Faraz Manan as a maestro at designing mind blowing dresses and 2016 is no different. Faraz Manan has pulled out his magic wand and created the most astonishing bridal dresses. Once you set your eyes on his creations, you will be left in total awe of his work. He has used a lot of silk and velvet fabrics that are beautifully full of heavy embellishments and perfectly sequenced stonework. As a Faraz Manan bride, you are destined to slay on your big day!

Faraz Manan bridal collection 2016Faraz Manan bridal collection 1Faraz Manan bridal collection 2Faraz Manan bridal collection 3Faraz Manan bridal collection 4

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Elan Bridal Collection 2016 – 2017

If we talk about Elan, it is a relatively new brand that has not been around for long. This brand is best known for fusing traditional and modern fashion and creating classic designs. Elan prefers to create pieces of artistic fashion bridal dresses that are hand-crafted and delicately put together to represent softness and delicacy of women. The bridal new dress design 2016 – 2017 collection by Elan is all about pastel colors, delicate hand embroidery with thread and stones and unique patterns on rich fabric! The one thing that is noticeably present in all Elan bridal designs is a reasonably sized frill-style on the bottom end of lehnga. This adds texture and a modern twist to traditional bridal lehngas and skirts.

Elan bridal dresses 2016Elan bridal dresses 2016 2017Elan bridal dresses 2016-17Elan-Bridal-Dress-2016-7Elan-Bridal-Dress-2017Elan-Bridal-Dress 16Elan-Bridal-Dress 17Elan-Bridal-Dresses collection 2016Elan-Bridal-Dresses collection 2017


Nomi Ansari Bridal Collection 2016 – 2017

Nomi Ansari is a favorite; particularly for the Pakistani media industry. He is a top favorite for models and actresses and is also ranked as one of the best fashion designers we have in Pakistan. Interestingly, Nomi Ansari has been around for many years now but every year, he comes up with something totally new and unique.

Ansari is never a disappointment to his fans. Nomi Ansari’s bridal collection for 2016 has left all young girls spell-bound. He has revived the traditional bridal era with intricate and detailed heavy bridal dresses. The dupattas are full length and heavily embellished and the shirts are kept short this year in a traditional ‘choli’ style. The colors are vibrant and bright. Nomi Ansari has something to offer to every Pakistani bride. So whether it is your dholki function or mehndi, baraat or walima – Nomi Ansari’s collection has the perfect dress for you that is surely going to make you look like the beautiful princess that you deserve to be!

Nomi Ansari Bridal Collection 2016-2017Nomi Ansari Bridal Collection 2016 - 2017Nomi Ansari Bridal Collection 2016 - 2017Nomi Ansari Bridal Collection 2016-2017

Erum Khan Bridal Collection 2016

There are a very few female fashion designers in Pakistan that are known for their quality work and Erum Khan is one of the big names. Erum Khan, being a lady herself, is a true fan of red color for bridal wear. After all, red is believed to be the traditional bridal color for brides since forever. Your grandmother wore red on her wedding and so did your mother; so why should you be any different? To add a modern twist, Erum Khan has surely paired a few reds with different tones of burgundy, orange, plum and emerald green. The interesting thing about Erum Khan bridal wear is that she has made sure to include a lot of floral patterns in all her dress designs. So be prepared to see a lot of brides in floral patterns with heavy stone and thread work all over!

Erum Khan Bridal Collection 2017Erum Khan Bridal Collection 2016-17Erum Khan Bridal Collection 2016 - 2017Erum Khan Bridal Collection 2017Erum Khan Bridal CollectionErum Khan Bridal dressesErum Khan Bridal dresses 2016 2017Erum Khan Bridal Collection 2016

Look like a princess on your big day!

Weddings are super fun and entertaining but it is the most special time for the couple who is getting married. It is the big day they have always dreamt of; a union of two souls forever. You deserve to look like a true princess on this big day and the new designs for bridal wear in 2016 are surely going to make things work out for you!


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