Trends in Pakistani Party Dresses 2016 – 2017 | Tips to Buy the Best One


It is nice to have a couple of party dresses in your wardrobe. It is clear to all us that they are an absolute necessary, especially if you are a female. Well, you would definitely say that they are never enough. You can’t really attend parties wearing one or two particular dress right? And that’s not the only problem, you have to keep up with the changing fashion too. The dress that you bought a year back may not be trendy anymore. You will need something modern and something wonderful in your wardrobe that draws attention of people whenever you step to a party. So in this article we are going to share some of the best Pakistani party dresses 2016 – 2017 collection that you would love.

Trends of Pakistani Party Dresses 2016 Moving Towards 2017

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Pakistani party dresses 2016 have come a long way. Although trends have changed but a good thing is that the dresses that you bought or designed last year can be still worn in 2017.

Let’s throw some light on the best Pakistani party dresses 2016 – 2017 which you can also wear this year too:

Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants really caught the attention of a lot of women and I bet by now, you have lots of pairs of these pants in your wardrobe. Paired with medium sized shits, you can create an outstandingly modish appearance. This combination can still be worn in 2017.  The shirt can either be open style, or it can have embellishment, whatever suits you.

Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 7Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 1Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 4Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 5Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 6Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 3Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 2Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 7Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 8Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 9Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 7Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 10Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette PantsMedium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants 7


Digital Printed Shirts

You are going to see a lot of digital prints in various color combinations even in 2017. Yes, they were included in the list of the best Pakistani party dresses 2016. Designers surely put a lot of efforts in introducing strong and bold prints and they were admired by ladies a lot. Digital prints are not just perfect for causal wears, but formal wears too. Make sure you choose bright colors to look your best.

Digital Printed ShirtsDigital Printed Shirts 1Digital Printed Shirts 2Digital Printed Shirts 3Digital Printed Shirts 4Digital Printed Shirts 5

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Tulip Pants

If most of your Pakistani party dresses 2016 did not have tulip pants, we are sure you might have one or two of them. The tulip pants were another addition in the trends along with the cigarette pants. These are available in simple and embroidered versions. As the name suggests, they are tulip shaped and they are quite extraordinary. Nothing any Pakistani women had worn before. Not to forget, they look amazing with short and medium shirts. The top of the pants is similar to shalwaar but the button makes a tulip shape. They you can either pair embroidered tulip pants with plain shirt or choose an embroidered shirt and pair it with plain pants, whatever that fits your personal style.

Tulip pants 1Tulip pants 2Tulip pants 3Tulip pants 4Tulip pantsTulip pants 5

Statement Sleeves

By the mid of 2016, we started observing many vintage inspired trends in Pakistani party dresses 2016. One such example is the extra-long and ruffled sleeves. Whether it is casual dresses, tops or party dresses, these statement sleeves are being chosen by a number of celebrities and you will see them a lot in 2017 too.

Statement Sleeves, extra long and ruffle sleeves 2Statement Sleeves, extra long and ruffle sleeves 1Statement Sleeves, extra long and ruffle sleevesStatement Sleeves, extra long and ruffle sleeves 3

Now that you know what trends which you can keep up with in 2017, here are some tips that you can follow while buying Pakistani party dresses 2016:

Tips on Buying The Right Dress


Shopping research

From so many Pakistani party dresses 2016, it can be hard to pick one dress. But things can get easy if you do some research. Firstly, you must look at yourself i.e. what body shape do you have. Some people are obese, some are petite, some apple and so on. You need to figure out your body type so that you can narrow down the choices that are available. Not every dress is meant for every lady. Secondly, you must know your personality. Remember one thing, the dress that you are wearing should be comfortable. If it is all fancy, but it is really uncomfortable, then it is going to ruin the whole fun. You will look uneasy, of course, and you won’t be able to enjoy the party.

Know Your Preferences

Know your preferences

Once you are done with the first tip, it’s time to narrow down a few more things such as design, color and style. Make a list and chalk down the options in front of each item. You can take help from the internet for this purpose if there is not enough time at your hand to physically explore the options. Sometimes, people already know their preferences but in case you don’t, then you are going to have to spend a lot of time here. You might like a lot of dresses during this phase but don’t settle for anything yet. Mark the favorite ones so that you may choose from them later.

Price Range

Price Range

Pakistani party dresses 2016 can get expensive. So yes, you may like lots of them but you cannot buy all. It’s important to have a budget allocated before even researching so that you don’t get overboard. Sometimes, you are able to buy an affordable but really classy dress. Instead of shopping at expensive markets, it is recommended to visit the cheap places too. If you get lucky, you might find the right fabric, color combination and even design at an affordable range. This price tag might even be below your set budget. If it’s an expensive piece, only buy if your pocket allows. It’s not really wise of anyone to spend money on a party dress that would be worn only once in a while.

Pakistani party dresses 2016 can be designed on your own too. But for that you must know what design you want, the color combination, embellishment, and lots of other things. This can get expensive too because it is not just the fabric and the embellishment that you have to spend money on. You also have to pay for the stitching of the dress, which can get costly, if you the tailor has to do a lot of work for you. Therefore, in most cases, choosing from the ready made Pakistani party dresses 2016 can be the best decision to make. In the end, it all depends on you what you are looking for and what you can afford.

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